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Solar PV installation: Devizes School

2nd October 2014

Following an agreement made between Kennet Community Energy Limited (KCEL) and Devizes School in May of this year, KCEL is pleased to announce that full planning permission has now been granted for the installation of a 50kWp solar PV system at the School which is being scheduled for installation during the October half term.

This renewable energy facility will be owned and operated by KCEL and will supply the School with a sustainable supply of zero carbon electricity.

Peter Moorcroft, the KCEL Director managing the project, said:

"The 50kWp facility will consist of 200 panels supplied and installed by local company Iddea. They will be fitted to the roofs of the School's Science Block and Applied Learning Centre and are expected to generate 44,500 kWh of energy and save more than 23 tonnes of carbon dioxide on an annual basis."

- for more details on the installation see www.kennetenergy.org.uk/devizes_school.html.

This is the second project for KCEL, a community benefit social enterprise which was formed in January 2013. The members of KCEL, who collectively own the company, have all contributed to the fundraising to finance both the first project at Wadworth Brewery and this project at Devizes School; they will also fund an ongoing portfolio of renewable energy projects that KCEL will develop.

Nick Stedman, the Chairman of KCEL said:

" We are very pleased to be working with Devizes School, not only to provide them with a zero carbon, sustainable source of electricity, but also to support them in introducing the use of solar PV power generation and technical aspects of system monitoring to the school curriculum"

Malcolm Irons, Headteacher of Devizes School said:

I am delighted to be working with KCEL on this exciting project and am very grateful to Peter Moorcroft for approaching us regarding it in April 2013.

Over the past few years the school has implemented a considerable number of energy saving measures including improved recycling, a ‘switch-off’ programme and double glazing.

Installing solar panels is a significant advance for the school and provides a fantastic opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and fossil fuel usage. It is another step towards our goal of achieving the Eco-School Green Flag award. In addition, we teach sustainability and environmental impact in our curriculum and the project is a new and valuable learning resource. The installation provides an opportunity for teachers to make the subject very real for students by making them more aware of the energy generated and the amount that we use in school. My Bursar is also very happy because we will be able to reduce our energy bills! The project also feeds into the long term education of the younger generation regarding the benefits and challenges of renewable energy.

About Devizes School:

Devizes School logo Devizes School is a successful and forward looking school where learning is at the heart of everything they do, where all young people are equally valued and where staff are committed to providing the very best education for all their students. Their very positive Ofsted report in February 2012 recognised this and graded every aspect of their work as ‘Good’ and the report contains many references to their outstanding practice.

Further information on the School can be found on their website – www.devizesschool.co.uk


About Kennet Community Energy Limited

Kennet Community Energy logoKennet Community Energy Limited (KCEL) is an Industrial & Provident Society (IPS) conducting a renewable energy business for the benefit of the community (sometimes referred to as a BenComm), and is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (registration# 31942R).

KCEL's vision is to build an enterprise owned by members of the community, developing renewable energy projects in the north and east of Wiltshire and the surrounding areas, which will make a major contribution to local, renewable energy generation.

As a community benefit social enterprise, the KCEL Rules have been developed so that all surplus income is given back to the community via a Community Fund and the company's assets are also 'locked', meaning that anything that KCEL owns can only be transferred to another body that is similarly constituted with its own 'asset lock'.

Review the web site at www.kennetenergy.org.uk, or contact KCEL at info@kennetenergy.org.uk for more information.